Information on Statue Commissions and Freelance Graphical work.

 NOTE: Bare with me on request replies, I work all day and respond mostly on Sundays.

Statue Commissions: Closed – Virus Lock down has caused massive delays. Check back once my State is opened and things get back on track. 

I am trying hard to get thru all my commissions so please bare with me! I work in batches now, I take on a few items, get them done and out to clients and then start a new batch, so time and slots are no longer work out. 

  • Custom Statues: Commissions Closed Till winter November of 2020 
  • Garage Kit Paint Ups: Commissions Closed Till winter November of 2020 
  • Repairs or Patch work on Statues: Open For Small Repairs

How I work commissions for Statues:

  1. Contact me on a project, wether it be a garage kit paint up, repair or a custom statue.
  2. Together we brain storm on what character you want and what statue you want to use.
  3. Once we have figured out those details I can then figure out a price on the project.
  4. Once we agree on the statue and price you then send me the statue to work off of.
  5. Once I get the item I will let you know and go from there.
  6. I take fast pictures on the items as i work on them and send you jpegs so you know where i am at and how its going.
  7. I can never give a time frame on projects due to custom work takes time and if i rush the project comes out sloppy.
  8. A item will never start to get painted unless i get the go ahead to do so from you.
  9. Once a item gets the go ahead for paint work, there is no going back so I always send clean pics of the final custom work for approval.
  10. Then once its all painted up and you approve I ask for final payment and send it out. I super pack all the items and if the foam box needs to be cut I custom cut them also to fit the new tweaked custom statue.
  11. And thats how i work my commissions.
NOTE: If i Don’t reply by the following sunday your email did not go thru, try to use a different email .

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