Welcome to my For Sale Section on various Items.

Here you will find custom statues for sale or regular statues I am looking to clear out, they may be personal items I no longer want or just random customs I do to sell off. Sometimes I may hold secret sales or just add in items on the fly so it will be first come first served. In the past I used to hold black friday sales where I would have a ton of items finished and just do a post on Statueforum.com so that may still happen from time to time or I may just throw specific ones on ebay. So keep a eye out on this section. (PICTURES BELOW)

Custom Statues For sale.

Bowstte Custom Statue is Currently On eBay Or buy direct from me to save $1500 plus shipping SOLD

This Bowsette custom statue was just a side project for fun that is being sold to fund a new computer and camcorder for my youtube channel.




Power Girl custom statue from Sideshow Spider Woman PF $500 SOLD

This is my old power girl custom I did long time ago, she was made from the sideshow spider woman PF statue.

Sideshow Mystique LSB $800 SOLD

This is a repainted Mystique LSB into her classic white outfit. Its a regular LSB and comes with her colored box and original foam. Just no brown shipping box, but i will pack in a box with foam peanuts for protection.




Custom Head Bases

As of now i won’t be making or producing anymore head bases, the time involved is to much to squeeze into rotation with commissions. Plus I’m limited to only spring/summer time to make them and i have to borrow a friends casting gear which he uses too. So the only way to make head bases is if you commission me to make a one of a kind or one you plan to produce and sell.

NOTE: No heads come with the base, just pictures for showing what the base looks like with the heads in.


Gambit Head Base

Each base is casted in crystal clear 2020 smooth on resin with magenta UV dye. I left a opening at the bottom for LED lights if you so choose to add them in. Cause its clear resin this stuff is super hard to work with and limited on how man i could make from a  kit, one sold out not making anymore. NOTE: some will have imperfections on the back of the base but hidden in the back.

Colors will vary from lighter to darker since mix of UV dye never turned out the same.

Gambit Head base is $50 shipped in the US . (International shipping extra) 


Payment Information:

I mostly ask for payments as Paypal Gift or Money Order, if you are not comfortable with PP as a gift regular PP is fine but i ask you tack on extra 3% for fees. If you are willing to send Money Orders I am willing drop the price down a bit depending on the item.


Contact Information:

Please use contact below to get ahold of me, include the item you are interested in with your shipping addess so i can figure out cost of shipping.


Shipping Information:

I pack all items very well and my ebay handle is Gouki258 in case you want to see feedback. All items will be insured and shipped priority thru USPS. Some items may or may not have original boxes, if they do foam will be cut to fit the new item custom areas. If the item does not have a original box, it will be noted and will be super packed for shipping.

Ebay Information:

I will sometimes post items for sale on ebay, so you can search for my auctions under the handle “VinceVellCUSTOMS”. Recently changed from Gouki258 so people can find me better with the new name then my old ebay name.


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