Welcome to Ficchi Illustration

I am also know asa VinceVell Customs in the statue community as it was my handle on a lot of statue forums back in the day, and i kept it since everyone came ot know me as that. 

Announcement: Updating new web site.

Random News & Events

  • Hometown: New Jersey
  • Education: Associates Degree
  • School: Pennsylvania College of Art & Design
  • Major: Illustration
  • Minor: Graphic Design
  • Occupation: Art Director – Graphic Artist & Freelance Illustrator


Jerseyfest 2020


Artistic Abilities

Illustration/Graphic Design:  Brochures, Window signs, Specialty catalogs, Product Labels, Specialty/Web Coupons, Tire Service Flyers, Newspaper ROPs, Logo designs, Business cards, Letter Heads, Calendar,, In-store promotion ads, Award invitations,  Billboards, Display design for shows, Cover Illustrations for Merchandise Manuals and Coupon booklets, Mortgage Bank Flyers & Ads., End Caps, Posters.

Painting, Sculpting & Customizing Comic Character Statue: I love to collect statues but I also love to repaint them and customize them into other characters as a hobby. Its very peaceful and i love being a part of the Statue community learning all the time new tricks to the hobby. •

Traditional Painting & Drawing: Everything from landscape painting to figure drawing, pastels, acrylics, oils etc..

My Hobbies

Comic Books: What can I say, I grew up on them and love them. They are what made me become a artist!

Favorite Comic Characters: Genis-Vell (AKA Captain Marvel), X-Man (Nate Grey), Flash (Bart Allen), Rose (Street Fighter), Power Girl

Statues/Busts: I collect Sideshow, Bowen Designs, DC Direct, CS Moore Studio and any other statue company that produces my favorite characters from comics or video games.

Street Fighter: When it comes to arcades or video games, I am a Street Fighter fan. I grew up in arcades as a kid and now that they are all gone but online gaming brings that feel back of playing against random people, i even made my own custom arcade sticks so I can play Street Fighter the traditional way.

Customizing Statues: I love to find broken statues of comic characters so I can repair them and customize them into other characters from the damaged item. Its a fun hobby that I can lose myself in at night and on weekends. I would rather be painting and sculpting then going out to a bar or vacation, because every time I am behind my art desk its a vacation for me.

Macintosh Computers: While everyone owned a PC growing up, I was a Mac person, and when OSX first came out in beta I knew that I would never own a PC as long as Apple kept up the new OS. Recently I brought back to life my old MacPro 2008 model just for Adobe CS5 programs.  

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