Information on Statue Commissions & Graphic Design work. Please be clear when contacting me asking for a commission, list any links you may have and wha the item is you are looking to make or work off of. I don’t know every statue or kit out there that has been made. 

Check below for what’s going on my with schedule etc..


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Sundays is my days to reply to requests as I work all week and don’t spend every second on a phone or computer. 


Announcement: Statue Commissions Closed for the rest of 2021 due to lock downs delayed me a whole year. Im stopping all repairs and small items to focus on larger items that have to get done. Hope to be back on track near the end of 2021 if all goes well and supplies become easier to get.

How I Work Commissions

  1. Contact me on a project, wether it be a garage kit paint up, repair or a custom statue.
  2. Together we brain storm on what character you want and what statue you want to use.
  3. Once we have figured out those details I can then figure out a price on the project. (price always varies on the amount of work)
  4. Once we agree on the statue and price you then send me the statue to work off of.
  5. Once I get the item I will let you know and go from there.
  6. I take fast pictures on the items as i work on them and send you jpegs so you know where i am at and how its going.
  7. I can never give a time frame on projects due to custom work takes time and if i rush the project comes out sloppy.
  8. A item will never start to get painted unless i get the go ahead to do so from you.
  9. Once a item gets the go ahead for paint work, there is no going back so I always send clean pics of the final custom work for approval.
  10. If you decide to go back to a item that has paint work started to tweak a custom area extra charges will be added but we will talk about that.
  11. As for shipping a item I always use USPS post office for quotes, you just let me know if you want insurance etc.. If you have a account with UPS or Fedex your more then welcome to send me a label for shipping. 
  12. Then once its all painted up and you approve I ask for final payment and send it out. I super pack all the items and if the foam box needs to be cut I custom cut them also to fit the new tweaked custom statue.
  13. And thats how i work my commissions.


Full Blown Custom Projects

Items that require chopping, re-sculpting & re-painting.  This could be taking a item and converting it into another characters/outfit etc. 

Garage Kits – Unpainted that requires assembly & paint

Garage kits vary in difficulty. Some kits are clean and ready to be primed and painted while others require tons of prep work just to get to painting phase. 

Repainting of Pre-Painted Factory statues.

Any statue that is a factory paint up like Sideshow Collectibles, Bowen Designs, Prime1 etc..


Repairs – Minor Or Major Damages 

I repair many Pre=Paint items from companies like Sideshow, Bowen, Anime etc. I only repair Polystone statues.

NOTE: I do not touch anyone else build up, wether its a custom or a kit, if you hired someone else to build your item and then it brakes people dont as me to repair it. I dont touch other peoples kit build ups,  I also DO NOTE repair PVC items. 


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