Statue Work

Hello and welcome to my Statue work!

As a hobby i started to get into the garage kit community where people sculpt and cast up statues as kits to paint and display back in 2006. I started with a few anime kits just putting them together and painting them, but as i started to do research on the net and find more people in the hobby. I came across and saw people buying pre painted comic book statues and redoing them in different character or repainting them. I then saw that its possible to do this and started off buying a Bowen Designs Captain Marvel bust and recreated it into a different version. After that i could not stop, i bought more items and kept making characters i always wanted while learning new techniques about the hobby.


Then one day someone on contacted me and asked if he could commission me to do a custom bust, and i accepted and that took off into something new for me. I started to customize more and more items for people while doing personal statues for myself as well. This hobby as become a part of my life and cant see myself doing anything else as a hobby then working on statues.


So feel free to browse my work and hope you enjoy it!