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Im always adding new content to my Youtube channel and I stream when ever im able too. 


I uploaded new videos when ever im done with a project and can finish editing them. I also have a back up channel on Bitshute. 


Upload new videos regularly








Announcement: As of 2020 i have started live streaming projects. 

Youtube News

Due To youtube kicking off people non stop and changing rules ea month, I am trying to upload to other sites as well just in case I become one of the many YT wants off the platform. So I have other sites im trying to upload when have time as back ups.

Even random videos have become demonetized for no reason other than key words like skin tone etc.

Random thumbnails I have on my videos have been deleted saying they are going against guidelines when it’s just statues in them.

It’s become time consuming to try and upload to different sites every time i post a new video, but ill try my best to keep things going across all platforms, 

Rumble is a new Site that people seem to be joining up so im starting there as well.

Youtube Goal

The goal of my channel is to show, share and promote the hobby as much as I can. Not only is it my hobby but after losing my full time job back in 2012 I have made statue work my fill time job.

So Youtube is largely my portfolio in real time to show people how I customize and paint statues for clients and for myself. 

While im not looking to grow to be the most popular channel out there, its helping me keep food on the table and a roof over my head so I put a lot of effort into the channel and videos. 

So over time as I gather funding I put it back into the channel with new video equipment, computers and programs,. 

So subscribe, like and share my videos with those who are into the statue hobby.


Silver Banshee Statue
Venom Custom Statue
Beast X-men On Desk Resin Kit Paint Up
Age of Apocalypse Paint Up
Phyla-Bell Captain Marvel Custom Sideshow Statue

Youtube Playlists

Work In Progress

WIP playlist is all about posting series of statues from start to finish.  I try and share as much as I can about how I customize statues and pay it forward with lots of people who I learned from in the hobby. Also showing off stuff I have come up with. 

Final Custom/Paints

Final Custom playlist is all about showing off the final builds and paint ups of my statues. I try and explain in each video my process for those who want to dive into the hobby. Of course can just skip thru all that if you just want to see the item.

Tips & Tricks of the Hobby

Tips & Tricks is alll about showing off things you may not have know about customizing statues. Lots of it is stuff I picked up from other people in the hobby or stuff I have come up with on my own. I like to show off a lot of tools and materials best I can. 


When ever I go to conventions or shows I like to film what I can and make a video on it. Just to show people other sides of shows like NYCC and model kit shows like Jerseyfest/Wonderfest. Thats when I have the chance to hit these shows. 


Repairs is all about how I repair damaged items, from the simple chips to the extreme broken smashed items. While I cant match china factory paints perfectly I can come as close as possible to bring your item back to life without purchasing a new one.


Announcements is all about sharing new things like studio upgrades, conventions that may be coming up, new directions with projects or the channel. And anything else that a video can show better then explaining it on social media. 

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