Announcement: Updating new Site

Sept 20, 2020

Due to updates to wordpress I’m redoing my web site so it will be a while before its all finished up. 


I updated the main pages for now but the older ones will be messy till I can get a handle on this new program. 


Beast X-men On Desk Resin Kit Paint Up

Welcome to my web site!


Hello and welcome to my site where I show off all my artwork from statues to graphic design. 


I will be keeping my site very simple and streamlined as I just want to show off future and past works, I mainly keep focus on my Youtube channel VinceVellCustoms as thats my main focus of work now. 


But this site is where you can contact me thru my contact page and see various artworks I have done over the years.






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Harley Quinn Crazy Nurse Statue
Beast X-men On Desk Resin Kit Paint Up
Kid Flash Kingdom Come Statue
Red Sonja PF Statue Repaint