Prototype/Art Direction Statue WOrk



Bowen Captain Marvel Full Size Prototypes

These were my first prototypes I painted for Bowen Designs and Id like to thank Randy Bowen to give me a shot when I just contacted him out of the blue to paint them up for him. 

Ms Marvel 70s Prototypes

After my first paint up for Bowen Designs he started to give me a few more projects and these were the second Prototypes I painted for Bowen Designs. You would have to paint two copes at a time.


Ms Marvel Warbird Prototype

3rd Item I was given from Bowen Designs to paint up, one of the most enjoyable ones after Genis-Vell Paint ups.

Cloak & Dagger Prototypes

This was the most informative paint up I did for Bowen Designs, cause the item came in a few pieces and I got to learn how items are casted up and attached as a production stand point.


ManApe Prototype

This one was a surprise to paint up as Bowen just sent it to me out of the blue and was fun to do some research on the character to get the paint colors right and brain storm some options for the base paint up. 

Mangog Prototype

This was my last paint up for Bowen Designs, it was a massive bust but turned out to be a tricky on having to redo a few section of the paints to get it just right fo the character. 


Cable Art Direction / Prototype

A friend of mine was designing this Cable statue for his own collection so during the process with the sculptor he would send me some WIP pics of the 3D sculpt and in Photoshop I would help by tweaking stuff so the sculptor could see exactly what he was looking to have changed. Also did the paint up for it as a one of a kind statue. 

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