I mostly ask for payments as Paypal Gift or Money Order. If you are not comfortable with PayPal as a gift regular PayPal is fine, but I ask you to tack on extra 3% for fees. If you are willing to do local pickups, cash is welcome and will even knock down some of the price.


Please use the contact form below to contact me. Include the item you are interested in with your shipping address so I can figure out the cost of shipping.


I pack all items very well and my eBay handle is VinceVellCustoms in case you want to see feedback. All items will be insured and shipped priority through USPS. Some items may or may not have original boxes. If they do, foam will be cut to fit the new item custom areas. If the item does not have an original box, it will be noted and will be super packed for shipping.

If you have a UPS account, you are more than welcome to send me a label and I can drop it off at the local store. For FedEx, I have to charge a fee to go drop it off since the closest store is 30 minutes away with tolls.


I will sometimes post items for sale on eBay, and you can find them here.  Sometimes I will be willing to cancel an item off eBay early to sell to you directly through Paypal, while other times I want to let the item ride on eBay with bidders. Please inquire if interested.


From time to time I will list statues or projects I plan to sell off here. They can range from personal statues I have purchased to custom statues or garage kits I built. 

Keep an eye out, because when I post a video on my YouTube channel and say it’s a personal item I will mention if it will be up for sale or if I will be keeping it.

Ms Marvel Warbird Custom Statue



This is s personal item I did for myself but willing to sell her off to work on some other more important grail item that came up this year.

Black Lantern Wonder Woman Custom Statue


This is a Patrons Choice live stream series custom statue I did and it was made from the Sideshow Wonder Woman Statue

Giganta Custom Statue


This is a live stream series custom statue I did and it was made from the Sideshow Power Girl Statue

Power Girl EX Sideshow Custom Statue


I redid the SS PF with bigger chest, reworked booty and total repaint. They are the EX so they come with 2 heads.

Scarlet Witch Custom Statue

SOLD $1700

This is a customized Scarlet Witch Statue from Sideshow Collectibles. I took the original and tweaked the chest by making her boobs bigger and took the cloth off the top, then repainted the figure and face.

Velma Custom Statue

SOLD $2700 Single

This was my YT custom series I made from the Black Canary Sideshow statue. I also did a Daphne to go along with her so if you snag both you get a discount.

Daphne Custom Statue

SOLD $700

This is a live streams series character I made from the Sideshow Collectibles Batgirl. I also did a Velma custom statue so if you purchase both at the same time as a set you get a discount. 

Custom Power Girl LSB


This is a Power Girl LSB I made for myself from the Sideshow Emma Frost LSB. I’m currently redoing my collection and plan to build a new display in the summer of 2022 so I’m parting ways with some items to make room for new ones.  

Phyla-Vell Custom LSB


This is a super old Phyla-Vell custom LSB I made for myself years back, so since I’m parting ways with some personal items this one is one of the ones I plan to let go. 

Rose Street Fighter Statue (Red or Blue)

$600 OBO (one red sold)

This is a long time commission I did back in the day to learn more about the hobby. I am selling off both versions. Contact me to talk about which one you are interested in. I also have an extra kit available if you want to try your hand at building/painting for $400.