Welcome to my for sale section

From time to time I will list statues or projects I plan to sell off, they can range from personal statues I have bought to custom statues or garage kits I put together randomly. 

So keep a eye on this section cause when ever I post a video on my YouTube channel and say its a personal item I will mention if it will be up for sale or if im keeping it.


For Sale Info

Payment Information:

I mostly ask for payments as Paypal Gift or Money Order, if you are not comfortable with PP as a gift regular PP is fine but i ask you tack on extra 3% for fees. If you are willing to do local pic ups cash is welcome and will even knock down some of the price.


Contact Information:

Please use contact below to get ahold of me, include the item you are interested in with your shipping addess so i can figure out cost of shipping.



Shipping Information:

I pack all items very well and my ebay handle is VinceVellCustoms in case you want to see feedback. All items will be insured and shipped priority thru USPS. Some items may or may not have original boxes, if they do foam will be cut to fit the new item custom areas. If the item does not have a original box, it will be noted and will be super packed for shipping.

If you have a UPS account more then welcome to send me a label and i can drop it off at the local store. For fedex people with account i have to just charge a fee to go drop it off since the closest store is like 30min away and tolls, but you can arrange a pick up.



Ebay Information:

I will sometimes post items for sale on ebay, so you can search for my auctions under the handle “VinceVellCUSTOMS”.  Sometimes i will be willing to cancel a item off ebay early to sell to you directly thru Paypal while other times i want to let the item ride on ebay wuth bidders. So never know with just asking me if im willing to sell off ebay, so take a chance asking. Cant hurt.


Unless stated all items are one of a kind items for sale 

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More Images below

Rose Street Fighter Statue (red)


This is a long time commission I did back in the day to learn more about the hobby. So im selling off a red version. Can contact me to talk about which one you are looking for.

I have a kit available of her as well if you want to tackle doing one one on your own, she comes with no base. The kit will be $400 plus shipping.


Avia GargeKitsUS Bust Kit Painted


GarageKitsUS sponsored me to do a video build up series of their Avia Air Elemental Bust, which was a ton of fun. But im redoing my collection room and have no space for this so im selling her off.  Check out the series more for size and how I built it up.

Jessie Pokemon Statue

$1700 SOLD

Recent custom Statue series i did on my YT channel by taking a Sideshow Collectibles Poison Ivy and makeing a Jessie from Pokemon statue. Fun series and a differnt take on a anime char, 

Bowsette Custom Statue

$1500 SOLD

This was a custom statue I did a WIP series for my channel. It was made from the PopCulture Shock Toys Poison Statue. If you want the whole series on my channel you can see what was converted and the amount of work put into it.

Hariqua The Fire Elemental

$800 SOLD

This statue was a WIP series that GarageKitsUS sponsored me to do. While I do love the statue im currently selling it off to make room for redoing my collection over the year 2020.

DXA Designs Weapon-X Garage Kit


A friend of mine is selling his DXA wolverine kit, I was supposed to paint it up for him but he’s changing up his collection and decided to sell it off. So im listing it here to get the word out some more in case someone was looking for one.

Now make a note this is just for the kit, not a painted up version, im posting the kit review here so you can see what it looks like Down below is what painted versions of it can look like. 

Custom Ms Marvel Anime Garage Kit

$600 SOLD

This is a Anime garage kit that I converted into Ms Marvel warbird. she’s a 1/5 scale kit, stands about 12 inches from the bottom of the base.

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